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Smart-Pad 2's have... ARRIVED!! EEK :D Tracking #'s coming!
2 days ago – Tue, Jan 18, 2022 at 01:12:46 PM

Smart-Pad 2® is officially shipping starting TODAY!

Gratitude For Skyborne's Backers

You have all been amazing during this process.  Stayed so patient with us and understanding of our situation, we stressed, you stressed, it has been a mission getting here, dealing with delays, weather disasters, sicknesses, production delays, and finally, we are so proud and happy to announce the Smart-Pad 2® is here, and we will begin shipping them beginning with the Early birds at around 20-30 units a day.

Smart-Pad 2.0® Features Reminder

Learning curve

New production facility, in-house designs, locally sourced packaging, and a new contract with UPS that ensures this will never ever happen again with our future product releases.     We only get better as a start-up each passing hour, refining our creations, our process, and definitely our timelines.  It's all part of our Skyborne 2022 plan of action.

Honorary Kickstarter Site Sale

In celebration of the long-anticipated arrival of Smart-Pad 2®,  we are slashing prices on our site exclusively for all our backers, 22% additional OFF the current sale price, with a custom coupon code.   The offer is less than the original Early Bird price point, as it also comes with Free Express Shipping. 

Use coupon code #KickstarterSpecial at the checkout to apply.

Claim Here

Thank you all!

If anyone has questions about their orders, site sale, etc., etc. just feel free to reach out and we will get right back to you.

Cheers :)

-Farouq Abraham

Managing Director

Smart-Pad 2® delivered our neighbors accidentally, shipments begin Thursday of this week!
2 days ago – Tue, Jan 18, 2022 at 11:02:09 AM

Hello all!


  As per tracking VIA UPS: 1Z920Y542052704831 the Smart-Pad 2 has been delivered to our office building in Markham, but to a different sub-section and company, to our neighbors which was a mistake,  solely on UPS.  Just so we are clear, this is solely on UPS's carelessness.  Directly.  

Next steps

We have been on the phone with them all weekend, and all-day filling out a form to get them to re-deliver it to us since it's many heavy boxes containing the Smart-Pad 2.  The good news is that it is in the vicinity, more than likely with our neighbor's next door. 

 This is public information, and you are all free to check that tracking to confirm, as I know a few of you have been very curious as to where they are.  

FYI, we don't have a "Ken" which shows that was the person who signed off for it.  We do have a Ken next door, so it's most likely him.   As per UPS, the driver will trace it, pick it up, and re-deliver it to us within 2-4 days. 

  Importance of Smart-Pad 2 to Skyborne

  Collectively, for all of us here at Skyborne, what has gone into this company and this launch includes our life savings,  401K, we are all in with Skyborne.  When there is a delay, no one gets more affected or hurt than us, business-wise, emotionally, every way you can imagine. 

   So know that you have the right personnel looking after this and no one cares more than we do, this is our livelihoods.  You all can expect tracking #s to get auto-sent ASAP to the emails we have on file as soon as we sort out this one final mishap, which again, was 100% UPS' fault, all public info that can be relayed to you by a UPS rep should anyone like to call and ask about this tracking #.

  Thank you all so much for your patience, we will be making another full update this week, stay tuned. 


Customer Happiness

Smart-Pad 2 picked up, on route to us + Next launch reveal!
8 days ago – Wed, Jan 12, 2022 at 02:15:24 PM

Smart-Pad 2® update


Hope everyone is doing well :) Just wanted to let you all know that the Smart-Pad 2® has been picked up as per tracking from Calgary,  which now shows a status of "On the way'.

Please allow about 6-8 business days for transport at least as this is the ETA given to us by our forwarder.   Please anticipate a bit later than, or a bit earlier than that as we are not UPS and we just relay the updates they give us.  We will begin shipping at about 30-50 units a day which should cover all backers within 2-3 days as soon as it's here.

What's new at Skyborne?

iTravel MINI® (Launching February 28th, 2022 on Kickstarter)

We have been working overtime developing the ultimate passport holder, the iTravel MINI®.  Featuring a magnetic pull tab for easy access and presenting before boarding, a built-in GPS tracker with its own app to locate it, a micro pen for filling out customs forms upon arrival, and a front pocket for your boarding pass/vaccine card.  Best of all, it's pocket-sized.

It's roughly a bit larger than the size of your passport, and can also be worn around your neck as it comes with a leather necklace for a hands-free airport experience.  For more info on this, you can sign up for our newsletter by visiting our site, and waiting for the pop-up;

Thank you all so much,  please let us know if you have any questions, and we will be more than happy to assist.  Email us at 


-Ryan Kish

Customer Happiness

Brief update! new ETA
13 days ago – Fri, Jan 07, 2022 at 06:37:20 PM

Hello all!

I will keep it brief until we have more of a solid update to make.  In short, Vancouver is very bad still and this is all public information, and UPS is still very backed up.

All goods coming out of there are still having to find alternate routes and different ways to transport the goods.

Good news

As per our convos with our forwarder this morning, UPS said they will be picking it up by next Tuesday, and it usually takes no more than 5-7 business days for transport.   As soon as they have picked up the goods, they will also scan them and allow us to see movement which is an indicator we have all been waiting for, so please bear with us and we will make another update when the goods have been scanned and show movement.

Thank you all kindly,


Skyborne INC

Smart-Pad 2 update + Swap out option
about 1 month ago – Mon, Dec 13, 2021 at 09:47:25 AM

Hello all!

Just a quick update as per our UPS agent this morning.  The goods have been sent to Calgary which is good to see that it has moved as we were starting to worry.  A UPS driver will pick them up on the 20th of December or so.

Next Steps

We are working around the clock the get updates and a solid landing date so we can let you all know, but at this point please do not have your hopes up that they will land in time for the holidays, rather, that you will have a gorgeous all-in-one folio for an organized & focused new year in 2022.   Either a late gift or to treat yourself and keep it.


We are still offering a swap-out option for any of our backers who do not wish to wait any longer.  This includes a few best-sellers from iTravel Wallet 2®, to Trigger®, to Smart-Pack®.   Should you wish to swap out your Smart-Pad 2, we can deliver your new choice of skyborne accessory within 1-2 business days, well before the holidays.

Scroll for a brief of each...

1. iTravel Wallet 2®: Travel made easy

Gift For: Your travel partner/buddy

See more on iTravel Wallet here.

2.) Trigger®: The quickest way to pay

Gift for: The uncles, dads, and older siblings still using a bulky dusty wallet

See more of Trigger here.

3.) Smart-Pack®: A world of features on your back

Gift for: The city dwellers, and adventure seekers

See more of Smart-pack here.


So with that said,  I am more than happy to answer any questions, swap out inquiries, etc., etc and you may have and we will get back within 48 hours.  You can either reply or contact us directly


We also have made it much easier for anyone with a quick thought, or inquiry to reach out with instant customer service through our live chat on site.  We recommend inquiring within our work hours.  Our weekday schedule is 9 am EST-5pm EST Monday-Friday.

Thank you all very much, wishing you all an amazing week ahead.


If you are not already, please follow us on Instagram.  We are conducting a giveaway at the moment, and want you all to take part!

- Abhi Gogh

Customer Happiness

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